Mere having a fancy website is not enough. It is crucial to bring it to the notice of search engines and users. Website promotion is need of the hour. After all, who doesn’t want to establish an identity of one’s own? If your website doesn’t show in top results, you will be lost in the world of anonymity. There is a huge sea of websites which comes into existence every now and then. But only few ones get a chance to rule the search results.

One can’t get a top slot in search results just like that; a lot of promotion goes into it. To carve a niche, it’s crucial that you stand out of the crowded market of websites. And the only key to give identity to the website is via promoting it to the hilt. Website promotion and traffic generation goes hand-in-hand.

There are varied methods of website promotion. Broadly it is categorized into paid advertising and free promotion. A judicial mix of both can be regarded as the right strategy of website promotion. If a website is promoted in the right manner, you will experience increased site traffic and rising revenue graph.
Following are some SEO techniques of website promotion that can be taken into consideration-

Search Engine Optimization 
It might be the most difficult method but it is commonly used and has great impact on traffic generation. Many SEO techniques like keyword density, link popularity, keyword positioning, etc helps in bringing targeted traffic on the site. Such techniques are undertaken with the view to rank well in search engines.

Article Directories
This is widely used method of website promotion. Article directories help in getting backlinks to the website and increase site traffic. If you write original and informative articles, you can post these on article directories for free. As people search for various articles of different topics, they usually follow the link at the bottom of the article to your website to get more information. With this you can achieve required publicity of your website.

Press Releases
Gaining media attention is very crucial for surviving the prevailing cut-throat competition. If you think your product or service is worthy enough to be in news, resort to press releases. You can post your press release to many press release sites or you can try mailing or faxing press releases to other medias.

Link Exchanges
Another prominent method of website promotion is link exchange. It includes getting one-way links and exchanging links of relevant sites. Link exchange process can bring huge traffic by targeting crucial keywords in search engines. You can contact other blogs or sites, related to your theme for link exchange.

If you do not spam Forums with your links, it is one of the best methods of website promotion. It helps you get the required backlinks and traffic. To promote your website, it is very crucial that you become an active member of forums that are somehow related to the theme of your website. You should include the link of your site in your forum signature. Let people check out the link in your signature by building their interest via informative and interesting posts.

Blog writing needs no introduction. This medium is by far the most effective way of reaching the target audience. You can maintain a blog on the website and can update it with informative, useful and fresh content atleast thrice a week. People seeking information will automatically be driven to your site.

Social Networking Sites
Though social networking has emerged as the strong platform of website promotion but still its usage is quite limited. One can make good use of such networking sites as they open plethora of avenues for public interaction like huge friend circle and groups. Further, they have classifieds and forums as well where you can put relevant posts.

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)
PPC is a form of paid advertising and is widely used method of website promotion. It is a sponsored listing and your advertisement appears on the side of search results as text box. As visitors come, they click on the links and this is how your website gets promoted.

Viral Marketing
The latest trend of website promotion is viral marketing. Though it is comparatively new as compared to other techniques, but it is quite effective. For viral marketing, you are required to have a useful idea or tip which you can inculcate into your website via a link. This can generate huge traffic to your site.

Print Advertising
Though print advertising happens to be the costliest of all methods, but it gives great results. It can be location specific but it has huge scope of giving your website the required visibility. With this you can create a niche and pitch in target audience easily to your site.

Tutorial Sites
Submitting tutorials is another effective way to get traffic to the site. Many professionals submit tutorials on the well-ranked tutorial websites with the link of their own site. This gives required exposure and brings traffic to the site.

Link Baiting
It is a process of writing interesting, informative and useful posts that has underlying potential of being bookmarked or blogged about. Original good quality content can help your website stand out which you can further enhance by specifically producing articles or videos for link baiting purpose.

Another method of website promotion which is gaining popularity is podcasting. This method signifies the creation of audio files which are downloadable by the users. Further, it can be streamed via link on your site or blog or through RSS feeds. This way you can pass useful information to the users easily and quickly, drawing huge traffic to the site.

Since, there are countless other techniques of website promotion but the above-mentioned are the most used and result-oriented methods. One can use these techniques separately or in combination with each other for better results. If you are looking for more information, browse through